In Crimea, pointed out the error in a promotional video of Ukraine to


RIA Novosti

In a promotional video of Ukraine to the song contest “Eurovision-2017” includes the monument, as if someone wanted to give back, said the Vice-Premier of the Crimean government — Minister of internal policy, information and communication Crimea Dmitry Polonsky.

Ukraine has unveiled a promotional video to the song contest “Eurovision-2017”, where among its attractions were shown, including monuments of the Crimea — in particular, the castle “swallow’s nest”. The clip is called Come to Ukraine to celebrate diversity (“Come celebrate diversity”).

“There is a saying: “even Though the eye sees, but the tooth is itching”. Here is the same story. Exactly the same situation. How much would you want it nor looked at it all, this beauty belong to them it will never happen. They would like it to be them, but it’s not them. And the fact that they put in a movie and thus once again popularized one of the most important attractions of our region, let them show it,” — told RIA Novosti Polonsky.

“They must accept and understand that it’s not them, it belongs to all residents of the Crimea, it belongs to Russia, our Russian heritage,” he added.