Dmitry Pevtsov has made in the “black list” of the site “Peacemaker”

Dmitry Pevtsov has made in the “black list” of the site “Peacemaker”

Russian actor and singer Dmitry Pevtsov was in the base of the Ukrainian website “Peacemaker”. He charged that toured in the Crimea, in Kiev it is considered a “violation of Ukrainian legislation”.

“Illegal crossing of the state border of Ukraine. The denial of the Russian aggression, support for the occupation regime,” reads the accompanying text.

29 APR database website similar claims were made by singer Dima Bilan. To this black list “Peacemaker” joined performers Yuri Loza and Diana Gurtskaya.

Also April 27 “the Peacemaker” are ranked as “accomplices of terrorists” American actor Steven Seagal, who received Russian citizenship.

Site “Peacemaker” regularly publishes personal data of the people, in opposition to Ukrainian authorities and also visited the Crimea after its accession to Russia. In the black list are Philip Kirkorov, Timati, Sergey Shnurov, Nikolay Baskov, Alexander Rosenbaum, Anna Shurochkina (Nyusha), Olga Kabo, Alexander Marshal, Irina Allegrova, anybody, Tatiana Lipnitskaya (Bianca), Yulianna Karaulova, Stas Pieha and other Russian artists.

The Ukrainian authorities consider Crimea as their territory, and it is accessible without the consent of Kiev — as a violation of the state border. Moscow claims that the reunification of the Peninsula with Russia was held in 2014 in accordance with international law.