Trump admitted in love for their work

Donald trump said that “fully enjoys his work.” He told about it to journalists CBS News, commenting on the first 100 days of his presidential term.

“It’s always a challenge, because life itself is a challenge. But that’s what I really love, and I think I have everything turns out as it should”, — told the trump. However, he added that he works hard. “But I had a lot of heavy work, including heavier current. But I’d rather talk about it in eight years,” — continued the head of state.

Sunday, April 30, the first 100 days of his stay in the White house trump described as exciting and very productive. Speaking at a rally of supporters in Pennsylvania, he stated that he believes that his administration has worked the best in the history of the country. He stressed that every day working to improve the situation in the country.

100 days in office, the President had 70 phone calls to 38 world leaders. He also managed to meet with 17 heads of state.

On 29 April it became known that trump is planning the largest increase in the military budget since the days of Ronald Reagan. As stated by Vice-President Michael Penny, with the adoption of the new budget will be restored the military power of the U.S. “Arsenal of democracy”.

The creators of “the Simpsons” earlier ridiculed trump’s achievements for his first 100 days in power.