Syria’s opposition has told about the Russian proposal to introduce a neutral contingent

Russia proposed to create in Syria a zone of tension reduction, and to place on the contact line of troops from neutral countries. About the Agency RIA Novosti said a member of the delegation of the Syrian armed opposition Fateh Hassoun.

“Russia started as guarantor of the political process and the agreements reached with the regime [of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad — approx.]. And that… requires the international community to get more involved in the negotiations in Astana. To be honest, that’s good,” said Hassoun.

He said that a particular country to create such a contingent on the line of contact has not yet been selected, but said that to move the parties to the conflict will be representatives of States not involved in the current fighting in the middle East country. According to Hassouna, if approved by the parties to the conflict of the proposals of Moscow will create the working group which will choose a peacekeeping country.

According to him, one of the points of this proposal is the armed forces of differentiation of small arms.

April 4, the Syrian opposition said about the alleged use of the troops loyal to Assad of chemical weapons in Idlib province, resulting in 87 people were killed and over 200 injured. Damascus his involvement in the incident was rejected, but on the night of 7 April, the President of the United States Donald trump ordered to launch a missile attack on the airfield shirt used by Syrian government aircraft. In all there were 58 cruise missiles.

APR 13, the presidents of Russia and Turkey Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan discussed the situation in Syria, expressing mutual intention to continue joint work to strengthen the cessation of hostilities, a willingness to further facilitate inter-Syrian negotiation process in Astana and in the Geneva format.