Eminem is suing the ruling party of New Zealand for his song

Eminem is suing the ruling party of New Zealand for his song

In New Zealand, began a lawsuit filed by rapper Eminem to the ruling National party. The musician accuses her of unlawful use of song ‘Lose Yourself’. In party say that used the song, and it looks like a track from a library of audio files.

The process takes place in the Supreme court of New Zealand in Wellington. The court should establish, to what extent was the music used in the advertisement of the National party, similar to the original track Eminem.

“The rare meeting in the Supreme court plays Eminem, the lawyers and judge attentively, with serious faces listening to a song,” wrote on Twitter the correspondent of the site NZHerald.com Francis cook, who was present at the first meeting.

Eminem v. National: It’s an unusual day in the High Court as ‘Lose Yourself’ plays to a room of unsmiling lawyers https://t.co/q4uNcN637x

— nzherald (@nzherald) April 30, 2017

Video of the National party first came on the air in 2014. It sounds a piece of music where you can catch a likeness with the entry to the hit Eminem.

The lawyers argue that in fact the ad used the song “Lose Yourself”, and the track Eminem-esque, which they bought stock in the library company’s Beatbox. He was also heard in the Supreme court of New Zealand.

Protection publishing group, Eight Mile Style, which represents the interests of Eminem, in turn, claim that he had used “iconic” song of the rapper that is considered a “gem” in the repertoire of the performer.

The practice of using known songs, changed enough not to infringe copyright, regularly appear in the free libraries of music tracks.

If the court finds that the party composition plays a hit rapper, the party found guilty of copyright infringement.