Le Pen proposed alternative to the EU Association

Le Pen proposed alternative to the EU Association

MOSCOW, may 1 — RIA Novosti. The candidate for President marine Le Pen said on the radio station Europe 1 that wants to replace the EU the “European Alliance of free and sovereign States”.

She noted that she believes that with allies among the European countries, which also suffer from the EU, it “could radically change the model of the functioning of the European Union, which can also be called a European Alliance of free and sovereign States”.

Le Pen on April 18 demanded that the TV channel TF1 to remove from the heel of the EU flag at the time of your interview. During that interview, she stated that, in her opinion, “the EU has done a lot of bad things to our country and our people.”

Formerly Director of the election headquarters head of the “NetFront” David Rachlin told RIA Novosti that Le Pen in case of victory on elections it intends to hold a referendum on withdrawal of France from the European Union in the first half of 2018, after negotiations with other member countries of the EU.

Sunday, April 23, France passed the first round of presidential elections. For the post of the head of state claimed 11 candidates. According to final interior Ministry figures, in the first round the leader of the movement “Forward”, the former Minister of the economy Emmanuel macron scored 24,01% of the votes, the candidate from the party “national Front” marine Le Pen is 21.3%. They came out in the second round, which will take place on 7 may.