Matvienko announced the visit of the king of Saudi Arabia to Russia

Valentina Matvienko The visit of the king of Saudi Arabia Salman al Saud in Russia could take place this year, said the Federation Council speaker Valentina Matviyenko, reports “Interfax”. “As you know, Russian President Vladimir Putin invited Saudi king to pay an official visit to Russia. The monarch said he gratefully accepted this proposal, plans to visit Russia, this might happen even this year,” she said. According to Matvienko, Salman al Saud, right, during a meeting gave all the necessary instructions to the government on the preparation of the visit. Meeting of the speaker of the Federation Council with the Saudi monarch was held on Sunday, April 16, in Riyadh. On 4 April, the king of Saudi Arabia held telephone talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Both sides noted the interest in the build-up of Russian-Saudi cooperation in political and trade-economic spheres, said in a statement on the Kremlin website.

Norway gave Russia beached fishermen

Two Russian fishermen who, because of a broken engine on a motorboat washed up on the coast of Norway, returned to Russia. About this “Interfax” reported in the border Department of the FSB of Russia in the Western Arctic district. According to the official representative of Department Konstantin Pogodaev, on Sunday evening, 16 April, Norwegian authorities handed over the fishermen to the Russian border guards in the automobile checkpoint Borisoglebsk. On Saturday evening, April 15, the FSB received a distress call from the resident of the polar Pechengsky area. The man said in distress near Einowski Islands Varanger-fjord, Barents sea, along with his friend. After that, communication with the fishermen was lost. During the search, managed by 6:00 Sunday to find a boat of fishermen, and then was notified by the Norwegian authorities. It was reported that threats to the lives and health of men no.

High-speed train hit a man in the West of Moscow

High-speed train hit a man in the West of Moscow The victim was hospitalized in serious condition. MOSCOW, April 16. /TASS/. High-speed train “Swallow” hit a man in the West of Moscow. About TASS reported in the management of transport Ministry of Russia for the Central Federal district. “Near the station “Kuntsevo” high-speed train hit a man. In the accident he suffered multiple injuries”, — said the Agency interlocutor. As explained in the office, the victim was hospitalized in serious condition. Circumstances of incident are specified.

In Deir ezzor, injuring two journalists of the Abkhazian Agency ANNA-news

In Deir ezzor, injuring two journalists of the Abkhazian Agency ANNA-news MOSCOW, 16 APR — RIA Novosti. Two journalists of the Abkhazian Agency ANNA-news wounded in the shelling by militants of ISIS (a terrorist group banned in Russia) in the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor, reported on the Agency’s website. “Today, with the rush for boarding the helicopter war correspondents ANNA-news Igor Dimitriev, Oleg Blokhin was hit by the improvised mines from the quartermaster LIH” — said in the message. As noted, the state of journalists, who received shrapnel wounds, rated as “normal”. According to the Agency, they are currently evacuated from Deir-ez-Zor in al-Qamishli. It is reported that the correspondent was filming the attack on video.

At the airport “Vnukovo” the Boeing-737 was rolled out with the taxiway.

At the airport “Vnukovo” the Boeing-737 was rolled out with the taxiway. MOSCOW, 16 APR — RIA Novosti. The plane was out with taxiways at the capital airport “Vnukovo” does not affect the operation of the air port, reported RIA Novosti press-service of the airport. Earlier, media reported that a passenger Boeing-737, flown in from Tbilisi, with 106 passengers and six crew members on Board, skidded off the runway of Vnukovo. “The plane was rolled out with taxiways. No one was hurt. Now the aircraft is evacuated,” — said the press service. At the airport the incident has not affected, said the same.

Le Pen called Russian great European nation

Photo: RIA Novosti The candidate in presidents of France, the leader of the party “national front” marine Le Pen said that the desire to cooperate with Russia is a normal phenomenon. “The Russians are a great European nation in the East of the continent. Since Peter the Great they have always expressed a desire to participate in the community of European Nations. Therefore, the desire to cooperate with them — something normal,” she said. The presidential candidate of France also stated the need to improve relations with Russia so that Europe “could look in a more peaceful future”. “France is at the opposite end of the continent. With Russia, we have no historical disputes. Thus, we must establish a relationship with her so that all the peoples of Europe could work together, to look peaceful and prosperous future”, — concluded Le Pen.

Moscow is concerned about escalation on Korean Peninsula

The foreign Minister of China Photo: © RIA Novosti. Alexei Nikolsky The Kremlin with concern the escalation of the situation on the Korean Peninsula in Moscow warned against provocative actions in the region, said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. “In Moscow with great concern observe the escalation of tensions on the Korean Peninsula, we call on all countries to show restraint, preventing the country from taking any action that could mean some kind of provocative steps,” — said Peskov told reporters. So he responded to a request to comment on the worsening situation between the United States and the DPRK and the mutual exchange of threats between the two countries and the question of whether in Moscow that Russia needed to intervene at the diplomatic level. “Of course, Russia has a fairly consistent position on the non-proliferation dossier continues to hold this position continues to be a

The Kremlin has stood up for the journalists of “Novaya Gazeta”

Photo: RIA Novosti Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin is aware of the situation associated with the “New newspaper” and representatives of the Chechen Republic and monitors the development of the conflict. About it reports “”. Thursday, 13 April, “Novaya Gazeta” published a report in which representatives of editorial staff have expressed fears for the safety of all staff publications for the reactions of the representatives of the Chechen Republic on the publication about the persecution of homosexuals in the country. “We have also received an appeal from the chief editor of “Novaya Gazeta”, I, in particular, received a letter which sets out this situation”, — said Peskov. He noted that in that case, if someone considers the material defamatory, it must follow the “prescribed by law and challenge the invocation of the responsibility of the authors”. The Kremlin’s press Secretary, categorically against

In Washington, the explosion of the North Korean missile called the “good news”

In Washington, the explosion of the North Korean missile called the “good news” The white house received the necessary intelligence as to the failed missile launch of the DPRK, and after it. The rocket flight lasted about five seconds, her failure in Washington called “good news.” Unsuccessful rocket launch, which the DPRK authorities have taken 16 April, was not a surprise for US and did not require additional resources. As reported by Reuters, said wished to remain anonymous adviser to Vice-President Mike Pence. We had reliable intelligence prior to launch and after it. It was a bad start, and it followed another failed launch. We don’t need to take additional measures and to spend resources in this regard. The good news is that it [the missile] went down five seconds after StartElement Agency He said that, according to preliminary data, North Korea tried to launch a medium-range missile. The missile

Turkey began a referendum on amendments to the Constitution

Turkey began a referendum on amendments to the Constitution Only the will can attend more than 55 million Turks eligible to vote. ANKARA, April 16. /Offset. TASS Kirill Zharov/. Residents of the Eastern regions of Turkey proceeded to vote on the referendum on amendments to the Constitution. Polling stations in 33 of the 81 provinces in the country opened at 07:00 local time (coincides with Moscow). Electoral commissions in other regions of the country traditionally start work an hour later, at 08:00 and continue until 17:00. Only the will can attend more than 55 million Turks eligible to vote. The country openly 145 thousand plots. The Ministry adopted enhanced security measures to ensure during the day will do more than 250 thousand policemen, 128 thousand gendarmes, and about 70 thousand employees of security agencies and volunteers. In the case of an emergency, the command of the army will be able