In Washington, the explosion of the North Korean missile called the “good news”

In Washington, the explosion of the North Korean missile called the “good news”

The white house received the necessary intelligence as to the failed missile launch of the DPRK, and after it. The rocket flight lasted about five seconds, her failure in Washington called “good news.”

Unsuccessful rocket launch, which the DPRK authorities have taken 16 April, was not a surprise for US and did not require additional resources. As reported by Reuters, said wished to remain anonymous adviser to Vice-President Mike Pence.

We had reliable intelligence prior to launch and after it. It was a bad start, and it followed another failed launch. We don’t need to take additional measures and to spend resources in this regard. The good news is that it [the missile] went down five seconds after StartElement Agency

He said that, according to preliminary data, North Korea tried to launch a medium-range missile.

The missile North Korea has launched a few hours before a ten day trip to the region Vice-President Mike Pence.

As previously reported, the us military, the missile was launched near the port city of Shinpo, but exploded almost immediately after launch. Accurate information about the type of a rocket was not, the military referred to the need to analyze such information.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of South Korea condemned the missile tests in North Korea and warned that Pyongyang will be taken “serious punitive measures” in the event of a nuclear test in the DPRK, or “provocative actions.” The Minister of defence of the Republic of Korea Kim Gwangjin during a meeting of the Korean the security Council stated that his country would “resolutely” respond to “provocations” from North Korea.

The Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis said that President Donald trump and his military command informed of the missile launch by North Korea. However, he noted that the American leader has no further comment

Earlier, the TV channel NBC, citing senior us intelligence officials reported that the U.S. is ready to launch a preemptive strike on North Korea to prevent the testing of nuclear weapons. According to sources, NBC, North Korea may test at weekend, 15 or 16 April.

According to them, two American destroyers are in a nearly 500 km from the North Korean test site. As noted the sides of the channel, ships can strike with cruise missiles “Tomahawk”. The Pentagon could use bombers, which are located on the island of GUAM in the Pacific ocean.

The failure to start happened the next day after the military parade in honor of the 105th anniversary of the birth of North Korea founder Kim Il sung. It was first presented to the public ballistic missile submarines.