Turkey began a referendum on amendments to the Constitution

Turkey began a referendum on amendments to the Constitution

Only the will can attend more than 55 million Turks eligible to vote.

ANKARA, April 16. /Offset. TASS Kirill Zharov/. Residents of the Eastern regions of Turkey proceeded to vote on the referendum on amendments to the Constitution. Polling stations in 33 of the 81 provinces in the country opened at 07:00 local time (coincides with Moscow).

Electoral commissions in other regions of the country traditionally start work an hour later, at 08:00 and continue until 17:00. Only the will can attend more than 55 million Turks eligible to vote. The country openly 145 thousand plots.

The Ministry adopted enhanced security measures to ensure during the day will do more than 250 thousand policemen, 128 thousand gendarmes, and about 70 thousand employees of security agencies and volunteers. In the case of an emergency, the command of the army will be able to allocate about 6 thousand troops.

In the country for the entire period of voting, a ban on public campaigning, media do not have the right to publish the results of public opinion polls or post campaign materials, conduct live communication with politicians or experts, which can be regarded as propaganda. Also on the day of the plebiscite prohibited conduct exit polls and to take pictures of completed ballots. While the CEC does not remove these restrictions, banned will be the sale of alcohol and social events.

Constitutional amendments introduced in the Turkish presidential form of government is parliamentary

The powers of the President greatly enhanced, and he becomes the head of both the state and the government with the preservation of party affiliation if he deem it necessary. The post of Prime Minister is abolished, and the President is entitled to appoint a Vice-President, Ministers, some members of the Board of judges and prosecutors. Introduced and levers of parliamentary control over the activities of the President.

The number of parliamentarians increased from 550 to 600, and the age of candidates is reduced from 25 to 18 years. The term of the constitutional powers of Parliament and the President will be five years, but the President can hold office more than two consecutive terms. In case of approval of amendments in the referendum next elections both the President and deputies will be held on 3 November 2019. However, if the changes are accepted, all the provisions of the Constitution for a presidential system will come into force only after the will 2019.