Matvienko announced the visit of the king of Saudi Arabia to Russia

Valentina Matvienko

The visit of the king of Saudi Arabia Salman al Saud in Russia could take place this year, said the Federation Council speaker Valentina Matviyenko, reports “Interfax”.

“As you know, Russian President Vladimir Putin invited Saudi king to pay an official visit to Russia. The monarch said he gratefully accepted this proposal, plans to visit Russia, this might happen even this year,” she said.

According to Matvienko, Salman al Saud, right, during a meeting gave all the necessary instructions to the government on the preparation of the visit.

Meeting of the speaker of the Federation Council with the Saudi monarch was held on Sunday, April 16, in Riyadh.

On 4 April, the king of Saudi Arabia held telephone talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Both sides noted the interest in the build-up of Russian-Saudi cooperation in political and trade-economic spheres, said in a statement on the Kremlin website.