Seoul convened a Committee of the national security Council after the missile launch from the DPRK

Seoul convened a Committee of the national security Council after the missile launch from the DPRK TOKYO, 16 Oct — RIA Novosti, Yekaterina Plyasunova. The South Korean government is holding an emergency meeting of the standing Committee of the national security Council in connection with the failed missile launch North Korea, reports Yonhap news Agency. According to the Agency, during the meeting, attended by heads of the Ministry of defense, Ministry of foreign Affairs, the Ministry of unification, the intelligence service and other key agencies will discuss measures in response to Pyongyang’s actions. Earlier on Sunday, the joint chiefs of staff of the armed forces of South Korea reported about the failed missile launch of the DPRK. According to the South Korean military, Pyongyang tried to hold the start uncertain missiles in the County, yuktae-Dong province of hamkyung province. The type of missile is not yet known, but experts do

Trump and Pence discussed a missile launch in the DPRK

Trump and Pence discussed a missile launch in the DPRK About the incident to the Vice President announced about an hour after his plane took off from anchorage, where he made a refueling stop before flying to Seoul, where to begin tour Pence in the Asia-Pacific countries. WASHINGTON, April 16. /Offset. TASS Dmitry Kirsanov/. The US President Donald trump and Vice-President Michael Pence discussed the new “failed missile launch” in the DPRK. This was reported by the press service of the Penny went down Saturday in a long tour of the countries of the Asia-Pacific region (APR). The first stop of the Vice-President will be in Seoul. According to the testimony of assistants Pence, he was informed about the new attempt of the DPRK to conduct a test launch of a ballistic missile, after which he contacted the trump. As they said, Pence informed about current developments in about an

Boris Johnson has invited Russia to join the Western coalition to fight ISIS

Boris Johnson has invited Russia to join the Western coalition to fight ISIS The British foreign Secretary also said that Russia needs to facilitate a ceasefire, “in order to achieve a political settlement that would free the Syrians” from the government of Bashar al-Assad. LONDON, April 16. /Offset. TASS Igor Brovarnik/. The Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain, Boris Johnson has invited Russia to join the Western coalition against the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). This is stated in his article, published Saturday in the Daily Telegraph newspaper. According to the head of the foreign Ministry, Moscow could “join the coalition, which unites more than 60 countries, to fight against the “Daishev” (the Arabic name of the IG) and to preserve its strategic interests in Syria with the prospect of a more fruitful relationship with the President (of the USA Donald) trump.” At the same

The lives of hundreds of migrants were under threat on the ship of human rights defenders

German rescue vessel Iuventa owned by non-governmental organizations Jugend Rettet distress in the Mediterranean sea. On Sunday, April 16, reported on the company’s page in Facebook. According to published information, the ship took on Board too many workers and not moving on. “Iuventa constantly sends the signal Mayday (international distress signal — approx. “Of the”) Italian rescuers”, — stated in the message. It is noted that due to deteriorating weather conditions threatened the lives of hundreds of people, including pregnant women and children. While many do not have life jackets. In addition to migrants on Board about 400 people are in the inflatable boats around the vessel. In 2015, the influx of refugees from the Middle East caused the crisis in the European Union. After the result of the agreement with Turkey was blocked by the so-called Balkan route through the countries of South-Eastern Europe, the main flow of

North Korea wanted to cooperate with Russia against the West

The North Korean authorities intend to develop relations with Russia to jointly confront the European and American sanctions. This was stated by the first Deputy of the Department of Europe of the foreign Ministry of the DPRK Kim Yong Ho, RIA Novosti reported on Sunday, April 16. “Russia, as our country is under sanctions by the US and the West. Between our countries should develop friendly relations, this position reflects the interests of the peoples of the two countries,” he said. The representative of the North Korean foreign Ministry recalled that the previous head of the DPRK Kim Jong Il made several trips to Russia with visits and “has made great strides in the development of relations between the two countries.” According to Kim Yong-Ho, these relations are developing in spite of any interference. “This is our will,” he concluded. Kim Jong-Il visited Russia three times — in 2001, 2002

Appeared on the preliminary data on the constitutional referendum in Turkey

According to preliminary data, 57.4 percent of Turkish citizens voted for the amendments to the Constitution of the country. It is the result of processing 50 percent of the ballots, reports the correspondent of TASS. The turnout in the referendum amounted to 82 percent. Earlier it was reported about the closure of polling stations. Only in the vote was attended by about 55 million people. For them, it was discovered about 170 thousand plots. In the referendum were asked to decide whether to hold constitutional amendments providing for the introduction of the presidential form of government is parliamentary. If the amendments are approved, the next elections of the President and deputies will be held concurrently on 3 November 2019, all provisions in the Constitution about the presidential system will take effect only after the will 2019.

Rowdy in Vladivostok attacked medical emergency and police fired

In Vladivostok detained a local resident who stabbed his wife, drove, arrived on call ambulance and fired from guns of the employees of Regardie and the police. On Sunday, April 16, “Interfax” reported the press service of the regional Ministry of internal Affairs. The guards called the medics, informing about the violent drunken man, who stabbed his mistress, and then force drove the ambulance. He refused to open the door to police officers and fired several shots at them with a hunting rifle. Employees of Regardie was forced to use his gun. “As a result, brief shootout, no one was hurt. In the course of negotiations, police managed to convince the attacker to stop shooting and to surrender” — said the Agency. In the apartment, law enforcement officers seized several firearms stored illegally. The injured woman was taken to hospital. Investigation Department of the TFR in the Primorsky territory will

Distress of Russian fishermen washed up on the coast of Norway

Motor boat with engine failure, in which were two Russian fisherman, washed up on the coast of Norway. On Sunday, April 16, reports “Interfax”. Signal for help from the resident of the polar Pechengsky district received the FSB on Saturday evening. The man said in distress near Einowski Islands Varanger-fjord, Barents sea, along with his friend. According to the representative of the border Department of the FSB of Russia in the Western Arctic district Konstantin Pogodaev, after that, communication with the fishermen was lost. The aid was sent to border patrol ship “Viktor Kingisepp”, also about the incident were informed the border service of Norway. Find a boat managed by 6:00 GMT on Sunday. “About the discovery of citizens of the Russian Federation on the territory of the Kingdom of Norway were immediately informed the Norwegian border guards and Consulate General of the Russian Federation in the city of Kirkenes”,

Kadyrov congratulated Russian President on Easter

Ramzan Kadyrov The head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov has published in his Instagram account post, in which he congratulated the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and other citizens with Easter. Materials on теме15:31 TodayFire, fly with menac to survive in Jerusalem before Easter and to bring the Holy fire to Russia “Today, in Chechnya and throughout Russia and other countries of the world, Easter is celebrated by all Orthodox Christians. This created the perfect conditions in Grozny and settlements”, — he wrote, adding that the authorities have provided ongoing support to the believers. Kadyrov said that in the Republic there are no conflicts on religious and ethnic grounds, which is one of the achievements “of our multiethnic society.” He also wished Orthodox Christians celebrating Easter, peace, stability and prosperity. Earlier on Sunday, Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated citizens. “The great feast of Easter has a special moral sense,

Easter: what do we know about the traditions of the main Orthodox holiday

Easter: what do we know about the traditions of the main Orthodox holiday How to calculate the date of holiday, why red is its main color and that represent Easter eggs. 16 APR Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter — the most important and one of the brightest in the Christian tradition. Church celebration lasts for 40 days, but the main celebrations happen during the Easter Sunday. The Feast Of The Bright Resurrection Easter is inextricably linked with the theme of regeneration, of passing from death to life. According to Christian tradition, Jesus Christ was crucified for the sins of human in agony died on Friday, immediately after which his body was buried. His coffin was equipped with a special guard. However, when at dawn on Sunday myrrh-bearing women, together with Mary Magdalene came to the tomb to perform the rite of the anointing, they found the stone moved away, and appeared