South Korea promised a “resolute” response to the rocket launch in the DPRK

South Korea promised a “resolute” response to the rocket launch in the DPRK South Korea will “firmly” respond to “provocations” from North Korea. This was stated by the Minister of defence of the Republic of Korea Kim Gwangjin during a meeting with Korean security Council after North Korea conducted a launch of its rocket, reports Yonhap. In turn, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of South Korea condemned the missile tests in North Korea and warned that Pyongyang will be taken “serious punitive measures” in the event of a nuclear test in the DPRK, or “provocative actions.” That North Korea conducted the launch, said South Korea’s military on April 16. According to the Agency Yonhap, citing the Korean defense Ministry, the missile launch in North Korea was unsuccessful. The fact of the missile launch was confirmed by the American military. According to them, she was running around the port city of

Near the Church in the United States staged a shootout

Near the Church in Alabama, USA, the shooting happened during a carnival to mark the Easter. As a result of the incident injured three teenagers and one child. It is reported The incident happened on the evening of 15 April. At this time, near the Cathedral of Jefferson County there were about 100 people, more than 800 were inside the Church. Five suspects have already been interrogated by law enforcement officers. Life of victims out of danger, they are in the hospital. On this edition said the chief Deputy Sheriff Randy Christian. At the scene Saturday evening arrived about 60 police officers and 35 firefighters. The video of the incident published in one of the Twitter users. “Pray for the city”, — has signed a video he. — Capstone CMT C??? (@C_JWTM) April 16, 2017, 03:28

Erdogan congratulated the Turkish Prime Minister with the outcome of the referendum

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan congratulated the Prime Minister Binali Yildirim and the leaders of several parties with a positive result of the constitutional referendum. On Sunday, April 16, reports Anadolu Agency. Erdogan expressed hope that the results of the referendum will benefit the state and people of Turkey. After processing 98 percent of the ballots of the supporters of the constitutional amendments are gaining 51.3% of the votes. Thus, Turkish citizens were in favor of a transition to a presidential system of government. The turnout in the referendum amounted to 82 percent. In the referendum were asked to decide whether it is necessary to make changes to 18 articles of the basic law of the country. In the case of Yes Prime Minister will be abolished, the President can appoint Vice-presidents, Ministers and senior officials. The President will have the right to declare a state of emergency and the

In Moscow Maserati at full speed crashed into a pole and burned

Maserati sports car at full speed crashed into a pole in the center of Moscow and burned. About it reports “Interfax”. The driver of the car died. The incident occurred on the Rostov embankment. In a press-service GU Ministry of emergency situations across Moscow confirmed the fact of road accident in the capital, without specifying the brand of the car. The victim’s identity is currently being installed. According to REN-TV that the car belonged to the son of a businessman.

In the state Duma told about the financial benefits of assistance to Afghanistan

Alexander Sherin The first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on defense Alexander shereen, the radio station “Moscow speaking” said that the assistance to Afghanistan can bring substantial benefits. “In its budget, the Ministry of defense of Afghanistan provides an appropriate amount buys us modern weapons, our instructors arrive on their territory, officers are trained. Our engineers get jobs, pay for maintenance, repair this equipment,” — said the MP. In addition, according to Sherina, cooperation with Kabul to help in the fight against illegal drug trafficking. “The benefit is that we will be present in this region, which allows us to carry out joint preventive work in the drug trafficking, that is, its localization and liquidation afterwards”, — said the Deputy. Previously, on 16 April, the Director of the Department of policy and strategic planning Ministry of foreign Affairs of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Haidari appealed to Moscow with a request

In the South of Argentina discovered dinosaur eggs

In the South of Argentina discovered dinosaur eggs Inside the eggs preserved remains of dinosaur embryos. BUENOS AIRES, April 16. /Offset. TASS Elena Kondratieva/. Dinosaur eggs were discovered in neuquén province in southern Argentina. As reported Теlam, their age totals 70 million years. Inside the eggs preserved remains of dinosaur embryos. As the head of the Department for the protection of cultural heritage Neuquen Claudia Della Negro, for scientists, this finding is of great importance. They fully examined the embryos, and have managed to make the analysis of embryonic skin and subclade Della Nagaragawa of the Department for the protection of cultural heritage Neuquen According to her, the eggs have reached our days in good condition due to the fact that the area where they were found, was once a swamp, which then was buried under volcanic deposits. A nest of dinosaurs was accidentally found by a local shepherd near

A drone took video of a desperate attack of the Pelican

A drone took video of a desperate attack of the Pelican The drone flew over the coast in the village of Negril Jamaica, when met on their way an unexpected enemy. Video of this meeting was posted on YouTube by the user under the name of Corbs with the caption “a Huge bird attacked my drone.” On the video drew the attention of the British tabloid the Sun. The record shows, as the drone flies serenely above the azure beach, where vacationers sunbathing. Suddenly in the frame appears and knocks the Pelican aircraft. And, judging by the sight of the bird, meeting with an unidentified flying object, was equally amazing how many of the drone owner, who discovered the video later. However, it is possible that it was a deliberate act of aggression: maybe the Pelican has adopted a mechanism for a competitor. Fortunately, the drone didn’t crash, Corbs able

Sands told about the plans of Putin for Easter

Photo: TASS Press Secretary of the President of Russia said that President Vladimir Putin at Easter, like last year, will go to the temple. About it reports “”. “The place is, usually do not announce. I wouldn’t now,” — said Peskov. During major feasts, Putin attends Church services. Usually, at Easter, he remains in Moscow. In 2016, 2015 and 2014, the head of state met Easter in the temple of Christ the Savior. Last year, after the service, the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill gave Putin, on the Orthodox holiday decorative Easter eggs that made the Church’s jewelers. The same gift, the Patriarch gave the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and his wife Svetlana. Christmas Russian President also regularly meets in churches, but not in Moscow and outside the city.

The Kremlin said about the inability of “Eurovision” to comply with their rules

Photo: RIA Novosti Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin regrets the inability of the organizers of the international music contest “Eurovision” to follow the rules that are spelled out in the documents of the European broadcasting Union. About it reports TASS. “We can only Express regret that the organizers of “Eurovision” was unable to fulfill the terms of their rules and was unable to call a country that has expressed willingness to host this contest, follow the rules of the host country, which are set out in the relevant documents of the European broadcasting Union”, – said Peskov. Today the European broadcasting Union (EBU) confirmed that Russia has officially refused to participate in the Eurovision song contest in 2017. Thursday, April 13, First channel stated that refuses to broadcast the competition. Earlier the security Service of Ukraine has banned the Russian participant of

Putin called for

Photo: RIA Novosti Russian President Vladimir Putin called for “pairing information systems” government agencies of the member States of the EEU, BelTA “Газеты.Ru”. “This would liberalize and improve solutions to such problematic issues for the transit of goods from third countries, including Ukraine. We discussed this repeatedly discussed and came to the conclusion that the introduction of this electronic system for tracking the movement of goods would help us and our partners that are outside the Union,” the President said. The introduction of such measures is intended to create a mechanism for monitoring the movement of goods in the territory of the Union. First of all, the customs services.