Governors and deputies are allowed to change the status of the settlements

Photo: RIA Novosti The state Duma adopted in the third final reading the law on changing the status of urban and rural settlements and city districts. About it reports TASS on Friday, March 24. “The law provides for the empowerment of governors and deputies of all levels (from rural village to urban districts, regional centers) to make decisions for themselves, what will happen to the settlements, which, from our point of view are unpromising”, — said the first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on the Federal device and questions of local government Irina Guseva (“United Russia”). The law provides that the territory of a subject of RF not delimited between settlements and between the settlements and urban districts. Municipal district loses the status of the municipal formation if all the settlements were part of it, merged with the urban district. The document States that the urban region includes one

Putin on the Day of national guard troops will present the flag of Zolotov Regardie

Photo: RIA Novosti Russian President Vladimir Putin will present the Director of the Federal service of national guard troops Viktor Zolotov banner of Regardie. Day of national guard troops will be celebrated on March 27. “The most significant event will be the presentation of the President of the Russian Federation flag Regardie”, – told reporters the gold. According to him, at the end of the ceremony gala concert in the State Kremlin Palace. “I would like to first holiday Regardie remember. On this day in all divisions will be held open days, you will be acquainted with the life and leisure of the military, to see the weapons and special equipment,” – said the head of Regardie.

The Kremlin reacted to the anti-corruption rallies in Russia

The Kremlin reacted to the anti-corruption rallies in Russia The past yesterday in Moscow the meeting is a provocation, said Dmitry Peskov. The Kremlin “yours” refers to the right of Russians to Express civil position in a consistent format. In the Kremlin respected civic position of people and the right of Russians to Express civic position, consistent with the authorities format. This was stated to journalists the press-Secretary of President Dmitry Peskov, reports RBC. Peskov said that such respect, the Kremlin does not feel “for those who deliberately leads people astray, and to those who have done this before, provoking illegal actions.” “Essentially what we’ve seen in some places, especially in Moscow, is a provocation and a lie. Because those who on the eve of a very sophisticated and academic language explained that the action was lawful and not contrary to the law, they said, a pure lie,” said Sands.

Cavusoglu: Turkey is ready to take the Russians without passports

Cavusoglu: Turkey is ready to take the Russians without passports Turkish foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu stressed that in this case the Russians will be able to come into the country with only domestic identity documents. ANKARA, March 27. /Offset. TASS Kirill Zharov/. Turkey intends to begin substantive discussions with the Russian transition to the mutual visits of citizens in internal identity cards. As informs on Monday TV channel NTV, reported the Turkish foreign Minister mevlüt çavuşoğlu at the meeting with the living in Antalya citizens of Russia. “Even before the sad events (shot down Turkish air force Russian su-24 November 2015 — approx. TASS), was held serious negotiations on this subject. Now, when our relationship was normalized, we can continue these negotiations,” he said. Cavusoglu said that in a short time “will begin the discussion with the adoption in Turkey of Russians arriving without passports, only with internal identity”. The

In Russia may ban surrogacy

In Russia may ban surrogacy The initiators of the bill on the prohibition believe that the Russian Federation became a centre of “reproductive tourism”. Senator Anton Belyakov on Monday will submit to the Duma a bill to ban surrogate motherhood in Russia, he believes that the country becomes one of the centers of “reproductive tourism”, and the relationship of the parties in this business, insufficiently regulated by the state. According to him, the services of surrogate motherhood in Russia are regulated on the basis of a civil contract, which does not guarantee the strict implementation of the rights and obligations of the parties. — As a rule, remains not clear, whether the birth of a child with disorders or foetal deaths the result of inadequate performance of services and the basis for termination of the contract, — said Belyakov. According to him, the biological parents can take the baby from

“Ahrar al-sham” announced the Downing of the helicopter of the Syrian army

Archive photo Representatives of the armed group “Ahrar al-sham”, said that in the Syrian province of Latakia they downed a government helicopter. It is reported TASS with reference to news portal News Mujaz. According to the rebels, the aircraft was destroyed near the village of Salma. Information about the fate of the pilot and crew members there. The Syrian command has not yet commented on the statement groupings. The Agency Al-Masdar says that the helicopter could belong to the Russian troops, leading the fighting in Syria.

After winning trump’s Scots almost ceased to be called sons Donald

The people of Scotland have practically ceased to call their sons by the name Donald. Reported by the Associated Press. According to the Agency, in 2016, only seven babies were named this name. In 2014, his popularity has fallen by two-thirds. Observers attribute this to the election of Donald trump President of the United States. “Trump has accelerated the decline in popularity,” — said Carol Howe, an expert of the history of the names of the University of Glasgow. However, as noted by Cleveland Evans from University Belvieu (Louisiana, USA), elections in the United States only accelerated the exit from the fashion of the already unpopular name. In the period from 2000 to 2015, in Scotland every year baptized about 20 Donald’s. In 2016, the name was on the 442 in popularity along with the names of Che, Eden and Lomond. Mother of Donald trump was born in the West

The Kremlin commented on the inconsistent meetings

Continued: Peskov admitted the facts of the paid participation of young people in protests The Kremlin has expressed regret with the fact that the participants of illegal demonstrations held in Moscow and other cities on Sunday, March 26, did not want to use alternative sites. This told the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov. His words on Monday, March 27, the correspondent “”. Peskov said that the Kremlin respected the right of people to Express their civic position, but only if it occurs “in the format in which required by applicable law” and in the agreed areas. “But we can’t show the same respect for those who deliberately leads people astray, and those who consciously did yesterday and the day before, provoking illegal actions,” — said the official representative of the Kremlin. He stressed that we are talking about people who deliberately mislead minors, “in fact children”,