Volodin gave Le Pen a book of her political career

Photo: TASS Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin gave the leader of the French party “national front” marine Le Pen’s political biography – “the Return of Joan of Arc”. This was at the end of the meeting the politicians told TASS in the office of the lower house of Parliament. “After the meeting, Vyacheslav Volodin gave marine Le Pen a book – “the Return of Joan of Arc”, they said, adding that this is a political biography of marine Le Pen, written by Russian authors. “As you know, our Russian writers have compared with Joan of Arc. And I would like to give a book that recently came out,” – quoted the Agency’s interlocutor words of the speaker of the state Duma. During the meeting, the Chairman of the state Duma and the leader of the French party stressed the necessity of improving Russian-French relations in political, humanitarian and

In South Ossetia may hold a referendum on joining the Russian Federation in 2017

Photo: RIA Novosti The referendum on accession of South Ossetia into the Russian Federation is likely to take place after the presidential elections in 2017, told reporters the speaker of the Parliament of the Republic Anatoly Bibilov. “The desire of the people of South Ossetia on joining Russia is not a secret. There is an agreement with the President of the Republic and the understanding that the referendum should be held after the elections in 2017”, — said Bibilov. He added that “in any case, the agreement between the President Tibilov and me is… without a doubt, we will consult with our Russian colleagues, because it directly concerns Russia, the Russian law allows us to do, but still depends on the international environment that there is today”.

Putin noted the effectiveness of the Interparliamentary Assembly of the CIS in integration processes

© Mikhail Klimentyev/press service of the Russian President/TASS MOSCOW, March 27. /TASS/. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin congratulated the participants of the jubilee plenary session of the Interparliamentary Assembly of States – participants of CIS, with its 25-year anniversary. The text of the congratulatory telegram posted on the Kremlin website. “The Assembly occupies a worthy place in the structure of multilateral relations, established within the framework of the Commonwealth, actively participates in the multidisciplinary international collaboration as an associate member of the inter-Parliamentary Union. The work of the inter-parliamentary Assembly is very important, and most importantly, in demand. It formed the model laws promoted the effectiveness of national legislation, extend the capabilities of integration cooperation in the political, economic, social, humanitarian and other spheres”, – stated in the message of the head of state. Putin also noted the importance of work structure for the strengthening of international security. According

Volodin gave the speaker of the OSCE PA to divert the conversation from the topic of the pogroms of Russian banks in Ukraine

Chairman Of The State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin © Mikhail Metzel/TASS SAINT PETERSBURG, March 27. /TASS/. Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin gave the speaker of the parliamentary Assembly (PA) of the OSCE Christine Muttonen to divert the conversation from the topic of the pogroms of Russian banks in Ukraine, and answered her question about attempts to stage unauthorized actions in Russia. During the March 27 meeting Muttonen on the sidelines of the events of the CIS Interparliamentary Assembly Volodin urged the OSCE PA to give a legal assessment of barbaric actions against Russian banks in Ukraine. However, his companion turned the conversation to the subject of the implementation of the Minsk agreements and the situation in the South-East of Ukraine. “I think you are well aware of our position, which we have repeatedly expressed, on the question of the crisis in Ukraine. We support the Minsk agreements, and regularly

Tkachev has promised to find a replacement for the Turkish grain market in the coming months

Tkachev has promised to find a replacement for the Turkish grain market in the coming months Agriculture Minister called the Turkish decision “unexpected and in many ways provocative.” ROSTOV-ON-DON, March 27. /TASS/. Russia will find a replacement to the Turkish grain market in the coming months, said the head of the Ministry Alexander Tkachev. We hope that in the next two or three, maximum five months we will find new markets for grains and painlessly replace Tortillaland Tkachiev of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation The Minister called Turkey’s actions “unexpected and in many ways provocative.” “We did not expect such a decision, especially since the meetings at the highest level had to say the words,” — said the Minister. Earlier the Minister said that the Ministry of agriculture considers Turkey imposed duties as pressure and rejects this way of return to the Russian market are forbidden Turkish

The court fined Alexei Navalny for organizing a mass rally in Moscow

The court fined Alexei Navalny for organizing a mass rally in Moscow The court fined Alexei Navalny on 20 thousand. the Lawyer of the opposition drew attention to the forgery in the record of his arrest. Navalny demanded to subpoena Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The Tverskoy district court of Moscow has fined the founder of the Fund of struggle against corruption Alexei Navalny on 20 thousand roubles, the correspondent of RBC from the courtroom. The oppositionist was found guilty of violating article “Organization of mass simultaneous stay and (or) movement of citizens in public places, which caused violation of public order” (paragraph 1 of article 20.2.2 of the code of administrative offences), the judge decided Smith Ales. Navalny was detained for about three hours Sunday afternoon, March 26, during the campaign “He’s not Dimon.” The police delivered it in OVD “Konkovo”. The founder of FBK, according to him, was not

Moscow has requested a briefing to the UN security Council in connection with the U.S. actions in Mosul

Moscow has requested a briefing to the UN security Council in connection with the U.S. actions in Mosul MOSCOW, 27 Mar — RIA Novosti. Moscow had requested a special briefing at the UN security Council in connection with the U.S. actions in Iraq’s Mosul, which killed civilians, said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov. 13фотографий13фотографий13фотографий Earlier, the international coalition led by USA against terrorist group “Islamic state”* began investigating reports of civilian casualties. People were killed in the air strikes on March 17 in the area West of Mosul. The press service of the coalition is not directly confirmed the information to the media about the death of civilians. The release of the press service noted that the “check messages” on the matter. “Today, the Security Council has requested a special briefing. I don’t think the Security Council would have one voice to speak about what happened.

The Syrian Kurds wanted to take the “capital of the Islamic state”

Kurdish want to include the Syrian city of raqqa in their autonomy after the liberation of the city from the terrorists of the banned in Russia grouping “Islamic state” (IG), which are de facto considered it his capital. About it reports Reuters. “We hope so, since our project is designed for the whole Syria,” said Saleh Muslim, co-chair of the Syrian Kurdish party PYD. According to him, Raqqa residents will decide the fate of the city, however, the Muslim hopes that they will decide to join the Kurdish project. The creation of a Kurdish autonomy contained in the draft Constitution, which Moscow offered Syria. From the name of the country can eliminate the word “Arab”, leaving the name Syrian Republic. In addition, the Kurds may be able to officially use their language on par with Arabic. From the basic law propose to remove the paragraph about the use of Sharia

Macron surprised the French Patriotic ignorance

Emmanuel Macron Candidate for the French presidency Emmanuel macron during a television interview called Guiana is the largest overseas territory — the island. It is reported BFMTV on Monday, March 27. Statements were made when the politician visited this region with a campaign. “What is happening in Guyana in the last few days very seriously. But I urge everyone to stay calm, and believe that the blocking of the runway of the airport, the flight manifests of the planes can paralyze the life of the entire island,” said macron. Twitter users were surprised such ignorance of geography. They suggested that the presidential candidate can’t distinguish Haiti from Tahiti, and invited Him to stay “on the island of Guiana and never return”. From March 17, in Guiana, there are mass performances by local residents, supported by the trade unions and authorities. They require the Central authorities of the country economic reforms,

Muslims in Germany was more hospitable Christians in the issue of refugee admission

In Germany the Muslims are helping the refugees more often than Christians. These are the results of a public opinion poll conducted by the non-governmental Fund of Bertelsmann, The Local reports Monday, March 27. According to the study, 44 percent of Muslims had a different kind of support to migrants. Among Christians, aid to the asylum-seekers were offered only 21% among atheists — 17 percent. “Voluntary participation in charity shows that our society remains cohesive during hard times,” said Fund expert Yasemin El-Menouar (Yasemin El-Menouar). Researchers have identified several reasons why the Muslims show more compassion towards refugees than other religions. The main of them — a shared cultural heritage. The most interested part came from the same States as current asylum seekers — Afghanistan, Pakistan or Bangladesh. According to representatives of Fund, volunteers from among the Muslims talk to refugees the same language, understand their religion and culture. Thus