In Russia may ban surrogacy

In Russia may ban surrogacy

The initiators of the bill on the prohibition believe that the Russian Federation became a centre of “reproductive tourism”.

Senator Anton Belyakov on Monday will submit to the Duma a bill to ban surrogate motherhood in Russia, he believes that the country becomes one of the centers of “reproductive tourism”, and the relationship of the parties in this business, insufficiently regulated by the state.

According to him, the services of surrogate motherhood in Russia are regulated on the basis of a civil contract, which does not guarantee the strict implementation of the rights and obligations of the parties.

— As a rule, remains not clear, whether the birth of a child with disorders or foetal deaths the result of inadequate performance of services and the basis for termination of the contract, — said Belyakov.

According to him, the biological parents can take the baby from surrogate mother only if her consent (this provision is contained in the Family code of the Russian Federation). Often this leads to the fact that a surrogate mother is being blackmailed real parents.

In addition, according to the Senator, many foreigners today travel to Russia to give birth to a baby with a surrogate mother. Russia, according to Belyakov, attracts foreigners by the lack of strict legislative regulation.

The bill supports the ROC, but lawyers and doctors are against the initiative

Doctors believe that the ban on surrogacy will hurt people for whom this method is the only way to have children. The lawyers also agree that this question not legally elaborated, however, indicate that surrogacy is a form of infertility treatment, as specified in the law.

A number of doctors thus disagree with the statement “reproductive tourism”, noting that the statistics are much more to the services of surrogate mothers running to the Russians, not foreigners.