The Kremlin commented on the inconsistent meetings

Continued: Peskov admitted the facts of the paid participation of young people in protests

The Kremlin has expressed regret with the fact that the participants of illegal demonstrations held in Moscow and other cities on Sunday, March 26, did not want to use alternative sites. This told the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov. His words on Monday, March 27, the correspondent “”.

Peskov said that the Kremlin respected the right of people to Express their civic position, but only if it occurs “in the format in which required by applicable law” and in the agreed areas. “But we can’t show the same respect for those who deliberately leads people astray, and those who consciously did yesterday and the day before, provoking illegal actions,” — said the official representative of the Kremlin.

He stressed that we are talking about people who deliberately mislead minors, “in fact children”, urging them to take part in an inconsistent event and putting their lives in danger.

The day before, on March 26, the opposition leader, the founder of the Fund of struggle against corruption Alexei Navalny and his supporters held an unauthorized March in Central Moscow. According to official data, the number of participants up to eight thousand people, according to unofficial — to 30 thousand. The sources of RIA of news in law enforcement bodies reported on the detention of more than a thousand participants, including the Bulk

The March organizers tried to negotiate the route with the Moscow authorities, however, those cited for the high workload of the centre and proposed alternative sites — Hyde Park in Sokolniki or street Pererva, South-East of Moscow. These variants did not suit the opposition, and the procession passed in an inconsistent place.