Russia’s permanent representative to NATO: the Alliance moves to the power circuit



Following the meeting of the NATO Council at the level of Ministers of defense hard enough led to further support NATO’s increased financial contributions of the allies, and the norm of 2% will be steeper than anticipated, said in an interview to “Ogonek” permanent representative of Russia to NATO Alexander Grushko. “As you can see from the statements of the leaders of the Alliance, we are talking about the adoption of national plans to reach these milestones that can be discussed during the NATO summit on may 25,” he added.

The Ambassador said that the meeting was also marked by new solutions in relation to the South-Eastern segment: “On the basis of the Romanian teams will be created by a multinational group. Eight countries have declared that they are willing to enter the brigade headquarters level, the five countries will provide additional support elements of the brigade air and ground. In the same row — the solution to strengthen the presence of NATO naval in the Black sea. This is another step in the increasing tensions in the regions, affecting the vital interests of the Russian Federation”.

According to Mr. Glushko, “if you make political conclusions, NATO continues a course on strengthening of the Eastern flank and is trying to impose Russia’s confrontational agenda, while the real needs require joint efforts in the fight against new threats.”

“The danger is that it is supposed to increase not only costs but also the purchase of arms, and significantly, added the Ambassador. — If these plans will be implemented, we can be in a situation of the cold war when the military planning, sharpened the opposition of the great enemy, will generate and appropriate policies… In any case, we are unable not to respond to negative changes in the military building of the Alliance. Obviously that is a long time. We’re not just talking about the rotation of the four battalion groups in Poland and the Baltic States, the rotations of the American brigade in Eastern Europe. Efforts are being made to improve the military infrastructure, increase the capacity of the airfields, the creation of additional staff — all this, of course, creates the threat of the Russian Federation”.

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