Duterte allowed the police to return to the fight with drug traffickers

Rodrigo Duterte

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte allowed the police to return to the fight against drug trafficking. About it reports Reuters.

According to the head of the state, we are not talking about all guardians of order — the war on drugs will be allowed to participate in only some of them. This is Duterte said.

The President’s statement followed immediately after the chief of police of the Philippines Ronald dela Rosa said that with the removal of the police from participation in anti-drug operations on the streets returned to the merchants of prohibited substances. Dela Rosa said that the guards are ready to return to fighting drug traffickers and “the sooner it happens the better.”

The police involved in the operations was temporarily suspended on January 30 after President Rodrigo Duterte announced that 40 percent of police officers are corrupt and “as vile as the leaders of the gangs of drug traffickers”. Ronald dela Rosa said then: “Beware, the police-werewolves! From this day we no longer are at war with drugs, we are at war with the bastards. We clean our ranks!” Dela Rosa promised that the operation will take about a month, after which the guards will resume the hunt for drug traffickers.

The occasion was the murder of police of a South Korean businessman Chi IK Chu. He was kidnapped by fighters of special group on fight against drugs, which he received from the relatives of the owner of a large ransom, then dumped his body near the headquarters of the police.

The campaign against drugs started in the Philippines in may 2016 — right after Duterte Rodrigo took office. According to the latest data, after the election of Duarte head of state in operations against drug traffickers killed nearly 7.7 thousand people, with 2.5 thousand were killed by the police.