Bild announced the execution by Islamists of a German hostage in the Philippines

Islamic terrorist group “Abu Sayyaf” published video of execution in the Philippines, presumably, the German hostage, 70-year-old K. Jurgen (Jürgen K.). On Monday, February 27, according to the tabloid Bild.

According to the newspaper, the militants demanded for kidnapped German citizen a ransom of 30 million pesos (about 570 thousand euros).

In captivity Islamists the man was from November 6, 2016. Then terrorists kidnapped him from his yacht off the coast of the Philippines. Wife of Juergen — 59-year-old Sabina M. — killed. A woman’s body with multiple gunshot wounds, police discovered on Board the vessel.

Group “Abu Sayyaf” was founded in the early 1990-ies, with funding from Osama bin Laden, the leader of the terrorist organization “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia).

“Abu Sayyaf” is known for extortion, kidnapping, bombings and brutal executions. It is considered one of the most dangerous in the region. Swore allegiance to the extremist “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia).