Alexei Navalny will play into the unknown

Alexei Navalny will play into the unknown

More than half of Russians (53%) do not know who Alexei Navalny, found “Levada-center”. Among those who know about this policy is not ready to vote for him in the presidential election, 83% of respondents. The expert believes that the current level of awareness would be sufficient to start a Federal campaign.

According to the survey “Levada-center”, 47% of respondents know who Alexei Navalny (53% don’t know less than 1% were undecided). In October 2013, i.e. immediately after the election of the mayor of Moscow, which was attended by politician, recognition of Mr. Navalny was slightly higher — 54%.

“Attention to politics was great after elections of the mayor of Moscow”, — tells the Deputy Director “Levada-center” Alexei Grazhdankin. Chief editor of magazine “Political technologies” Sergey Polyakov believes the current level of awareness of Alexei Navalny “high enough”. “Even the Prime Minister does not have absolute awareness, he says. Recognition, close to 50%, a person who does not appear on the Federal channels, rather high”.

In the presidential campaign of Alexei Navalny opens campaign headquarters in the regions, although after the entry into force of the repeated sentence in the case of “Kirovles” will be struck by the passive suffrage right. According to Sergey Polyakov, “a few candidates enter the campaign with such awareness”. Alexei Navalny, he believes, must “focus on the meaningful part.”

“Most people know about the Bulk of the TV, which was told that he stole the forest”, — said “Kommersant” the head of a staff of Alexey Navalny Leonid Volkov. The staff will presume that many people do not know who Alexei Navalny. “For us, it is a great space for opportunities,” says Mr. Volkov.

According to the “Levada-center”, 63% “definitely will not” and 20% “probably would not” vote for Mr Navalny in presidential elections. In March 2012 answered 38% and 25% respectively. The proportion of those who “definitely” or “probably” vote for this policy is 10% (1% — “definitely Yes”, 9% — “probably Yes”). In March of 2012, 19% were ready to vote for him. The number of difficult to answer the question decreased from 2012 to 2017 from 18% to 6%. Alexei Grazhdankin believes that in General “attitude towards the opposition has changed because of the events in Ukraine, which scared people.”

Also, respondents were asked “to indicate their attitude to Alexei Navalny”. More than a third of Russians (35%) said that relate to a policy of “neutral, indifferent.” 23% “I can’t say anything good about it”. 20% Alexey Navalny causes irritation and dislike, 7% of respondents respect the policy and sympathize with him. 9% can’t say about Mr. Navalny is neither good nor bad and 6% did not answer the question.

Lisa Miller