Tourists managed to make a “best photo” quokka

Tourists managed to make a “best photo” quokka

Aussie Campbell Jones, travelling by bike, did the local animal quokka, which created a furor in the Network.

On the shot posted to Instagram, one of the most photogenic marsupial jumps towards the viewer with arms outstretched and a smile on the face.

The publication of Campbell Jones (@cambojones2020) Jan 25 2017 10:04 PST

Jones said that quokka chased him when he was riding a Bicycle on the island of Rottnest, off the coast of Western Australia. The picture was taken when the animal jumped on the action camera, which a traveler laid upon the ground.

Then a bright frame, Jones managed to take a few more pictures with the animal, including a selfie.

The publication of Campbell Jones (@cambojones2020) 23 Jan 2017 4:15 PST

On the question of other users who were interested in what he drew quokka, Jones replied that she apparently just liked how it looks.

In the comments a picture called “the prettiest of all that has ever been seen” and also say that this picture makes the world a better place.