The salary at the level of the minimum wage receive almost 5 million people – Golodets

In Russia, several million people get paid the minimum wage (SMIC). This was stated by Vice-Premier of Russia Olga Golodets.


“I remind you that at the level of the minimum wage we have today in Russia there are 4.9 million people. Today the minimum wage level is lower in Russia, unfortunately, the subsistence minimum”, – quotes the policy of the website of”Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Golodets has issued a call to raise the level of the minimum wage to a higher level. In her opinion, this will give impetus to the development of the economy and production in the country.


Deputy Prime Minister added that today in Russia, employers underestimate the skills of workers, and in this regard, pay an employee the minimum wage.

Photo: Press service of the President of Russia