The Kremlin has introduced a meatless menu

In the beginning of February 27, lent the chefs of food plants Administration of the President of Russia will be for seven weeks to prepare dozens of meals without milk and meat, for civil servants, following the Orthodox tradition, the menu introduced a special section. On Sunday, 27 February, reports TASS with reference to press-the Secretary Elena Krylov.

According to her, the vegetarian menu is designed to provide officials a complete diet. It presents first and second courses, salads and desserts. The range is very diverse and updated every day.

“This is, for example, salad, salads of cabbage, beets, green radish, sweet bell pepper; soup of lentils, peas, borscht, shchi, rassolnik, soups; risotto with mushrooms, vegetable paella, vegetable patties, pancakes, casseroles, stuffed peppers,” — said Krylov. Also on the menu will appear a lot of lean cereal with fruit fillings, fruit compotes, kissels and jelly.

The press Secretary said that the cost of the salad will vary from 30 to 70 rubles, soups and borscht — from 30 to 100 rubles, main dishes — from 50 to 150 rubles.

Lenten menu appears during lent in the dining halls of the government buildings, the presidential administration, Parliament the last 15 years. From it choose a third to a half of visitors. For those who are not fasting, the cooks continue to prepare meals with meat and dairy products.

For Orthodox believers, lent started on 27 February and will last until April 15.