In Moscow, two survived the fire, died in the ambulance

The fire in the North-West of Moscow killed two people. On Monday, February 27, the Agency reports city news “Moscow” with reference to a source in emergency services of the capital.

According to him, the fire occurred in one of apartments of the house number 11 on the street Berzarina. The fire spread over an area of three square meters.

Firemen managed to save from a burning building three people and send them to the doctors, but on the way to the hospital, two victims died in the ambulance car.

About the identity of the victims and survivors and the causes of the emergency were reported.

On 14 February a fire in one of apartments of the houses on the Dmitrov highway in Moscow killed four-year-old girl. Her body was found inside after extinguishing. The child’s mother left home, leaving the daughter alone.

On 6 February at the elimination of ignition in a residential house number 39 on the street Shipilovsky capital were killed, the emergency situations Ministry. In rescuing people, he got burns from ejection flame and died, despite receiving assistance