The United States could withdraw from the UN Council on human rights – media

The U.S. is considering the possibility of withdrawing from the UN Council on human rights in connection with the “inefficiency of the body” from the point of view of the American authorities, the newspaper Politico.

Former and current employees of the US administration claim that the White house questioned the effectiveness of the HRC and of the need to stay States on, in which there are “representatives of States with strict ruling regime.”

Moreover, the US administration did not discuss the immediate release of the HRC, since it is already 27 Feb opens a new session. The publication notes. the final decision on membership in the Council will depend on the American leader Donald trump and Secretary of state’s Rex Tillerson and the U.S. permanent representative to the UN, Nikki Haley.

Politico reminded that Tillerson expressed skepticism about the host States in the HRC. And trump supports Israel’s policies, which usually condemns UN Council on human rights. The newspaper believes that the possibility of US withdrawal from the HRC should alarm the international human rights defenders.

Photo: Jinquan Xu / xinhua / Globallookpress