The rider fell from the saddle and fell from a 15-meter bridge in Thailand

The man was driving on a bridge in the fast lane on his motorcycle. On the turn the vehicle swerved, lost control and flew out of the saddle over the fence of the bridge, according to the portal Baa Bin.


From the received traumas the motorcyclist died on the spot. It is reported that his name was Christian Melzer, and he had lived a long time in the country.


This is the second such case in Taiwan in a week. Yesterday in a Network there was video of road accident in which a woman in a passenger car crashes into a motorcyclist. From hitting the biker skidded off the road in a 20-metre chasm. To save him failed.


Dorozhno-transport incident happened on February 22 on one of the mountain slopes of Taiwan. Judging by the footage, the woman was driving on the oncoming lane and head collided with the moped.

Video: สยามบ้านเรา / Facebook

Photo: สยามบ้านเรา / Facebook