The rating of the main fake Western media about Russia

The correspondent of “Stars” gathered the main fake news Western media and amounted to a rating, where it is difficult to determine the winner because of the scale of imagination of the authors.


Thus, the Agency Bloomberg stated that the “puppet of the Kremlin and personally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Donald trump got out of control and threatens to take the place of his Creator”.


The journalists of the newspaper The Times went on, they wrote about the use of Russian women to discredit NATO troops in Estonia. Supposedly cunning seductress will provoke conflicts between the soldiers of the Alliance and local residents.


Edition of De Volkskrant introduced the opening of a Moscow restaurant with burgers from the meat of nutria as a desperate move to save the Russians from starvation. According to the journalists, because of the food embargo imposed in response to Western sanctions, Russia was left without food.


The editors of the Daily Express story about Russia surprised Western colleagues. Under the guise of a secret CIA report in the newspaper published a clipping from the newspaper “Evening Ternopil”, which spoke of the Russian military contact with aliens. Supposedly in 1993 a UFO in response to the shot from the Ground turned the soldiers to stone.