The published autopsy report, Kim Jong-Nam

The autopsy Kim Jong-Nam confirmed the findings of the Malaysian police that the brother of the leader of North Korea killed by the chemical weapon VX. The nerve substance caused severe paralysis, which led to the death. About this informed the head of Ministry of health of Malaysia, Subramaniam Sathasivam, reports the Associated Press.


A prohibited substance was detected in the eyes and face Nama. Death came swiftly. This suggests that VX was used in high doses. On other occasions the use of this substance after the murder of Nam have not been reported.


The assassins attacked Kim Jong-Nam at the airport in Kuala Lumpur on February 13. As evidenced by surveillance cameras, the man attacked two women. One approached him from behind and threw him on the face of the cloth, presumably soaked with poison gas.


In fact the incident arrested four suspects. Four others are wanted by the Malaysian police. Officially, the motive for the murder is not known. However, South Korea accused of involvement in the attack by the DPRK authorities.

Video: iNews Malta / YouTube

Photo: Chris Jung / ZUMAPRESS / Globallokpress