Stifled people the driver in Heidelberg was a citizen of Germany

The person who is driving a car made arrival on pedestrians in Heidelberg German is a citizen of Germany. It is stated in a joint statement released by local police and prosecutors.

The incident occurred on Saturday, February 25, Bismarck-Platz, near the bakery, around 16:00 (18:00 GMT). A group of people drove a black car, at the wheel which was 35-year-old German citizen. If detained by police, he received a gunshot wound. It was reported that he was carrying a knife.

As a result of hitting three people were injured — a 32-year-old Austrian, 29-year-old resident of Bosnia and Herzegovina and 73-year-old German. The latter died in the hospital two hours later, two other victims after rendering of medical care they have released.

The suspect was hospitalized and operated. His condition no information.

According to preliminary data, the incident is not a terrorist attack.