Published footage of fierce fighting in Mosul airport

Videoagentstvo Ruptly published a video of the battle for airport Iraqi city of Mosul. Despite the recent successes of the Iraqi regular army, finally gain a foothold in this strategically important object while in the military are not obtained.


The footage was shot at the point, located about a kilometer from the building of an international aviation hub. While Iraqi forces continue to control the airport and began to advance into southern areas of the city.


Iraqi government forces launched an offensive on the positions of ISIS (banned in Russia) in the region on February 19. The ultimate goal of the army of Iraq is the liberation of the Western part of Mosul. The Prime Minister of Iraq Haider al-Abadi before the operation, admitted that the crossfire will be densely populated residential areas.


The operation on liberation of Mosul from the militants began on 17 October 2016, in addition to the Iraqi army, involved the Kurds and Shiite armed groups. Coordinate a kind of coalition of the United States.


Mosul is the last major city in Iraq that ISIS controls. He was captured by terrorists in 2014.