Moldovan President advised the ambassadors of the United States and Romania not to meddle in its Affairs

Igor Dodon

The President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, wrote a letter to the ambassadors of the United States and Romania James D. Pettit and Daniela Ionita, in which he demanded that they stop interfering in his activities. Excerpts of messages at the disposal of the media, Sunday, February 26, leads “Interfax”.

The head of state reminded the diplomats that Moldova is an independent and sovereign Republic, and therefore “the President’s office does not accept comments and sermons from the outside about its activities and decisions”. The Moldovan leader also doubted that in Romania or the US ambassadors can comment on the actions of presidents, “particularly in terms of deployment of the Armed forces.”

The Agency notes that the letter was a reaction Dodon on a joint appeal Pettit and Ionita, in which they expressed regret in connection with the ban on the participation of Moldovan military in joint exercises, the U.S., Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Ukraine. The maneuvers were being held in the Romanian training centre, Smardan from 20 February to 1 March.

Diplomats, in particular, rebuked the President in a hostile behavior, and also pointed to the fact that because of him, the Moldovan army will be without proper training.

Dodon was elected President of Moldova in the second round of presidential elections held in November 2016. The politician has advocated restoring relations with Russia. He has also expressed the desire to cancel the Association agreement with the European Union.