In Ankara held a rally against the annexation of Crimea to Russia

The Embassy of Russia in Ankara on Saturday, February 25, a protest was held, timed to the third anniversary of the annexation of Crimea, Anadolu Agency reports. The rally was organized by the Association of NGOs of Crimean Tatars.

The action was attended by dozens of ethnic Tatars living in various regions of Turkey. Protesters laid to the building of the diplomatic mission a black wreath in protest against the policy of Russia towards Ukraine.

February 8, Crimean Tatar public organization “kyrym birligi” called on the UN to recognize the occurrence of the Peninsula in structure of Russia the relevant rules of international law and to abolish imposed by the West anti-Russian sanctions.

The leader of the movement Remzi Ilyasov announced he was ready to speak to the UN a report on the life of their compatriots in the Russian Crimea. According to him, the Crimean Tatar people portray opponents of the reunification of the Peninsula with Russia, but it has nothing to do with reality.

Crimea and Sevastopol became part of Russia in March 2014 after the referendum for joining Russia voted overwhelming majority of the plebiscite. In Moscow indicate that the procedure conforms to the norms of international law, however, Kiev refused to recognize the election results. The Russian authorities have repeatedly stressed that the question of ownership of the Peninsula is closed.