Basurin: the Ukrainian forces left the Donetsk filter station

Basurin: the Ukrainian forces left the Donetsk filter station

DONETSK, Feb 26 — RIA Novosti. Ukrainian forces left the Donetsk filter station, told reporters Deputy commander of the operational command of the self-proclaimed DND Eduard Bacurin.

“As a result of a strong condemnation of the Ukrainian security forces, the military leadership of Ukraine found the strength and managed to drive radical nationalists from the territory of the Donetsk filtering station”, — he said.

He said that security forces seized the station and fired from there by the DNI. As argued by Eduard Basurin, participated in the capture of militants of the radical nationalist units.

On specifying question of the journalist Eduard Basurin said that at the station the security forces there, but they continue to solidify their position in the immediate vicinity

Eduard Basurin also said that the authorities DND ready to ensure the safety of repair crews to work to rebuild the station, but the Ukrainian side refuses to do the same, which delayed the re-entry station.

He added that over the past day, security forces shelled the self-proclaimed Republic 761 times, releasing nearly 300 mines and shells.

Donetsk filtering station, located one kilometre from the town Yasinovataya and 12 kilometers from Donetsk, provides water to the Donetsk, Avdiyivka and other large settlements on both sides of the line of contact.