The mayor of Paris sent Trump a photo with Mickey mouse

Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo took a picture with disney characters Mickey and Minnie mouse, and the photo published on Twitter specifically for the American President Donald trump. Previously, he said that Paris had ceased to be attractive to tourists. To prove otherwise, Hidalgo went to the Eiffel tower and took the picture in there with the puppets.


À Donald et son ami Jim, depuis @LaTourEiffel nous célébrons l attractivité de #Paris avec Mickey et Minnie.

— Anne Hidalgo (@Anne_Hidalgo) 24 Feb 2017


A few days ago trump, speaking in public, told me about his friend Jim, whose “Paris is not the same”. According to the President, his friend for five years not visited the French capital.


“Donald Trump and his friend Jim: Mickey and Minnie Mouse at the Eiffel tower celebrating the attractiveness of Paris,” the commentary said Hidalgo to the photo.


She also added that for the first quarter of this year, tourists from the U.S. 30% more booking places in hotels of Paris.

Photo: anne_hidalgo / Twitter