The free Syrian army said the terms of cooperation with Moscow

Negotiations in Geneva in March 2016

The free Syrian army (FSA) does not exclude coordination with Russia in the fight against banned terrorist organization “Islamic state”, if Moscow will change its policy toward President Bashar al-Assad. This was stated by TASS, one of the commanders of the operation “shield of the Euphrates” Ahmed Usman.

“We call on Russia to act decisively against terrorism, and not to defend the regime. We believe that the regime has given rise to ISIS. However, we hope that Russia will join the fight against ISIS,” said Usman, who is included in the delegation of the Syrian opposition of the Higher Committee on negotiations (BCP) in Geneva.

Answering the question of the Agency about the application of Russian air force strikes on the positions of terrorists near the town of al-Bab, later taken under the control of Turkish troops and detachments of the Syrian opposition, he said: “It was only two bombing South of al – Baba. More they (Russian troops) did not have any role.”

On 24 February in Geneva, consultations were held between Syrian opposition groups. According to sources, discussed the possibility of combining the delegations. One of the main differences between the opposition groups in these negotiations is their attitude to the future of Assad. The CPSU, which has the most extensive contacts among the armed groups in Syria, insisting on his immediate departure and believes that he should be held responsible for their actions during the civil war.

The position of the other — the so-called Cairo group — is that Assad may remain in office for a transitional period, but later needs to leave this position. There is also a “Moscow” group, it comes from the fact that the question of the fate of the current Syrian leader is not the main, instead you need to concentrate on discussing political reform in the country — the development and adoption of a new Constitution and holding, in accordance with her election.

The next round of inter-Syrian talks began in the Swiss city on 23 February. Completion expected March 3. While the opposition has no unified delegation that could act as a dialogue partner for the delegation of Damascus. Held until the meeting concerned only the format and procedures for further discussions.