Odessa is no more. She was killed

In the latest edition of “Hurt”, a leading TV channel “Zvezda”, the Explorer Nikolai Petrov talks about how the city was once friendly, cute and intelligent Odessa.


Nikolai Petrov: Here was once a good fun city on the Black sea. Where was the humor and Duke. All chanted after mark Bernes “barges full of mullet”. Read the stories of Babel and of the novel Kataev. It was a city where “white sail gleams”. And Benya Krik “spoke little, but spoke with relish”. Where nearly 200 years ago, the exiled Alexander Pushkin in vain courted the beautiful wife of the Novorossiysk Governor-General Vorontsov. He was a good Russian city. More precisely, different city. Greeks, Jews, Russians, Moldovans, Ukrainians lived close quietly. No one is feared and hated. But, as we all know that Odessa is no more. Killed her. The second of may 2014.


In fact, the glorious city of Odessa killed a long and purposeful. To finally get out of the city on the Black sea full Ukrainian dream. Want to know what the Ukrainian Odessa? Ready to European integration, EU and NATO?


The fence of the Russian Consulate. Several bouquets of flowers and cutting wood with a monstrous offensive inscriptions. It brought to the Consulate on February 21, after it became known that in new York, has died, Russia’s permanent representative to the UN diplomat Vitaly Churkin. Perhaps this abomination did not Odessa, but the city press has not expressed any outrage, actually supporting a shameful campaign.


I can’t even say that it touched me. This word is absolutely inappropriate. From my point of view, it’s outside human understanding and beyond good and evil. This is another Odessa. Is not the one we knew before. And the week was more evidence. It was a real disaster.


Odessa, Thursday, February 23. A few dozen people, quite a bit came on the walk of Fame to lay flowers to the monument to the defenders of the city. The police did not let them under the pretext that the Alley is mined. Nationalists advance in advance. The bomb, of course, is not found. And the older woman in a red headdress was dragged to a police bus only on the basis that the bouquet of carnations was tied with a St. George ribbon. Symbol, from which the Ukrainian nationalists just mangles. As undead are by Holy water. But in today’s Odessa, wear a ribbon or come to the memorial on May 9 or 23 February – it really is a feat. And to sing “Arise, great country”. There is hurt and can kill.


And of course, inside the cordon then immediately leaked local Odessa euromaidan protesters and nationalists with cameras – to film the faces of those who came. It has long been observed that young healthy foreheads, the slope of the subpoenas in the ATO gives some perverse pleasure to provoke the elderly or tearing the ribbon with children.


The program “Touched” on the TV channel “Zvezda” is a personal opinion and honest conversation about what really hurt the presenter and Explorer Nikolai Petrov.

Photo: Maxim Voitenko/ RIA Novosti