In the PMC called the approximate release date of the Dading to freedom

Ildar Dading

Activist Ildar Dading, who was acquitted by the Presidium of the Russian Supreme court, will be released not before February 28. About it “Interfax” said the Chairman of the Public oversight Commission (POC) of Altai Krai Alexey Belous.

“During the broadcast of the meeting of the Presidium of the Supreme court Dading was in the room alone, without staff of the Federal penitentiary service, so they are not notified of the decision of the court. The management of the institution is waiting for the document sent by courier service to avoid forgery. In this regard, currently, the leadership from a legal point of view there is no reason to free Dading. I believe that his document will not come until Tuesday,” — said Bilous, noting that the paper was sent from Moscow on February 22.

The Chairman of the PMC also reported that the opposition leader is in good emotional and physical health. “Any comments on the detention conditions he had made with another inmate. In fact, he was very grateful that the prison staff left him alone in the conference room during the broadcast of the meeting of the court, it allowed him to focus and calm down,” he added.

The Presidium of the Supreme court on 22 February overturned a guilty verdict against the Dading and released him from custody. The decision was revised on the orders of the constitutional court.

Dading since January, was serving a sentence for multiple violations at a rally in colony No. 5 in Altai region. There, he was transferred from penal colony No. 7 in Segezha (Republic of Karelia). In November last year, the activist complained of beating at the walls of the correctional institution. However in regional Department of the TFR said that during the inspection no violations of the rights of the convicted person have been identified.