In Cuba, two trains collided

Six people were killed and about 50 injured in a railway accident in Cuba. About it reports on Friday, February 24 local newspaper Escambray.

The incident occurred at about 12:00 local time (20:00 GMT) on the outskirts of Sancti Spiritus. Passenger railcar collided with EN route in the opposite direction freight train, which was carrying sugar cane.

The cause of the accident, according to sources, was that the driver of the cargo composition does not give way to a passenger train.

In a railway accident killed five men and one woman. The victims sent to the hospital of the University of Matanzas Camilo Cienfuegos. The condition of two of them is estimated as critical.

This is the second major traffic accident in Cuba for the last time. Last week, in the Central part of the country overturned a passenger bus, injuring 48 people.

In February 2009 the collision of two passenger trains in the Cuban province of Camaguey, three people were killed and another 93 injured. Several cars went off the track.