Forbes: in 2017 the cost of one statuette “Oscar” is about $700

Forbes: in 2017 the cost of one statuette “Oscar” is about $700

Thus, over the past six years, the price of the figurines has almost doubled, as in 2011, one “Oscar” was worth $400.

NEW YORK, February 24. /Offset. TASS Natalia Slavina/. The most prestigious award in the world of cinema “Oscar” increases in value this year, each figurine will cost organizers about $696. About it writes on its website, Forbes.

Thus, over the past six years, the price of the figurines has almost doubled since 2011, according to CBS, one was worth $400

At the same time, the cost of gilded knight has nothing to do with market price of “Oscar”. Despite the fact that the winner of the award, according to the contract, you can officially sell only commemorative award of the Academy of motion picture arts and only for one dollar, a considerable number of statues still revolves on the market. The highest price was proposed for one of them the singer Michael Jackson, who collected Oscars. In 1999, he paid one of them more than $1.5 million ($2.2 million in terms of present value).

Academy of cinema over the years the prize has awarded more than three thousand statues to the winners.

The full list of nominees on “Oscar-2017” category

The statuette “Oscar” in the form of a standing on a reel of film, a knight with a sword 24 carat gold-plated, her weight never changes and is 3.85 kg. the very tall figure 34 cm cast alloy Britain, and the pedestal made of black marble. However, the gold plating increases from year to year the cost of figurines.

Leading like a tightrope Walker

This year to host the ceremony in the air of TV channel ABC will be the first American comedian Jimmy Kimmel, who in this rather difficult work will get $15 thousand

“The spectators who sit at home and watch the show, of course, you want me turned inside out and pretty much killed it — said Kimmel. But for the audience in the hall is the most thrilling night of their lives. So I can easily ruin it. My work will resemble the steps of a tightrope Walker”.

The first master of ceremony “Oscar” in 1953 became the American actor Bob hope. He also holds the record among all the entertainers of the award, since he spent the ceremony 18 times.

A separate article of expenses is given on the famous red carpet, where guests are in the hall of the award ceremony Dolby theater in Los Angeles (California). Its area is more than 1.5 thousand square meters, and the cost is at least $30 thousand

30 seconds for $2 million

However, all the costs of a spectacular ceremony to block the advertising revenue. So, the price of a 30-second video shown during the broadcast of the ceremony of the awards, ranging from $1.8 to $2.1 million and the volume of advertising is growing every year

Compared to the show, aired in 2007-2011.., this year’s advertising time will be 45% more. Thus, the revenue from the ads shown during this year’s Oscars, according to projections by Forbes, will be not below last year’s level, when the organizers of the ceremony managed to earn about $115 million

From the stage, sing, sting and Justin Timberlake

The musical side of this year’s ceremony also promises to be busy: this year the stage will feature all five songs vying for awards in the category “Best song” in the original version. So, Justin Timberlake who was first nominated for an Oscar, will perform the soundtrack Can’t Stop the Feeling! from the movie “Trolls,” (Trolls).

Sting will sing The Empty Chair, a song he co-wrote for the documentary film “Jim: the Story of James Foley” (Jim: The James Foley Story). In this picture, the authors tell about the fate of an American journalist kidnapped in Syria and killed by terrorists. Sting for the third time in his career claims the Oscar winner which he still never was.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, who already has in its record Emmy award, Tony and Grammy awards, will sing How Far I’ll Go from the animated film “Moana” (Moana). And John legend will perform both nominated for “Oscar” songs — Audition (in the category “Best music film”) and City of Stars (“Best song”), which sounded in the film-the musical “La La land”, which received a record number of nominations — 14. In this movie legend played the role of leader — soloist of the group, performing songs in the style of neosoul.

And once again DiCaprio

On stage during the ceremony will be released many successful winners of the “Oscars”, which will announce the current winners. Among them — lucky last year, whose Oscar-winning the fate of the last years have seen almost the entire world, Leonardo DiCaprio, as well as brie Larson, Brit mark Rylance and Swedish actress Alicia Vikander. In addition, to disclose the names of the new heroes of the film industry was also asked Emma stone, Charlize Theron, Halle berry, Scarlett Johansson, Shirley MacLaine and others.

89-I ceremony of the most prestigious movie awards will be held on Sunday, February 26, and will begin at 20:30 East coast time USA (4:30 GMT on Monday night)

The transfer will be televised in more than 225 countries of the world. For awards competing movies that were released last year.