Fasel: the recognition of WADA is a step toward the admission of Russia to the Olympics 2018

The recognition of the world anti-doping Agency the fact of lack of evidence in the report of Richard McLaren is a step to the admission of the Russian team at the Olympics in 2018. About the Agency “R-Sport” said a member of the International Olympic Committee Rene Fasel.


“Some people just used this report to prevent Russia. I am very glad that step by step we are moving towards justice, to where we should be. I’m sure this is a positive step in the admission of Russia to the Olympic games in Korea,” said Fasel.


Earlier, the World anti-doping Agency (WADA) said that the report of the independent Commission under the leadership of Richard McLaren insufficient evidence of the involvement of Russian athletes for violating anti-doping rules.


Later, in the organization explained that the lack of evidence of guilt of the Russian athletes and officials reportedly due to the utilization of a doping sample Russians. That is, in relation to some of the athletes mentioned in the report of McLaren, “just can’t be evidence”.

Photo: Melanie Duchene ZUMAPRESS / globallookpress