Employees of migratory service have detained the son of Mohammed Ali

Airport Fort Lauderdale

The son of boxer Muhammad Ali was detained at the international airport of Fort Lauderdale in Florida. According to the newspaper Miami New Times, the incident occurred on 7 February, when Muhammad Ali Jr. was returning from Jamaica with his mother Galileu.

The man was compelled for two hours to talk with employees of the migration service, which, in particular, asked him questions about religion (Ali, Jr. is a Muslim). A former Federal Prosecutor and family friend Chris Mancini noted that criminal background the son of a famous boxer there, and he is a US citizen. Mancini also expressed confidence that the incident is connected with the law of the President of Donald trump to toughen immigration policy.

“This is outrageous, ( … ), In this country we don’t discriminate on religious grounds”, — he said.

Miami New Times notes that Khalil Ali at the airport was not arrested because she showed a picture with an ex spouse.

American boxer Muhammad Ali passed away June 3, 2016 at the age of 74 years. The athlete is married to Belinda Boyd (after adopting Islam he changed his name to Khalil Ali) in 1967. It was his second marriage, which lasted 10 years. The couple had four children.