In Japan started selling the new novel by Murakami

In Japan started selling the new novel by Murakami

TOKYO, February 23. /Offset. TASS Alex Sarachev/. Sales of the new novel by Japanese writer Haruki Murakami began in Japan at midnight local time (February 24). The book is in two volumes called “Canidate goroshi” (“Murder of the commander” — approx. TASS).

Hundreds of fans of the writer across the country lined up in queues in front of bookstores in anticipation of the start of sales. Not lucky residents of the Northern city of Sapporo, where due to the derailment of a freight train were derailed the delivery of the first copies of the book.

Japanese publisher “Sintesa” did not disclose not only the content but even the appearance of the cover of the novel with a volume of 1000 pages. Initially it will be published with a circulation of 1 million copies. However, almost all critics agree that the circulation will have to increase.

Fans of Murakami after 10 January it was announced the title of the book, began to discuss its possible contents. Most of them agree that the history is mixed with fantasy genre. In addition, fans of the writer think that the word murder in the title is likely to have a figurative meaning. The other, based on the content of a number of recent statements of the writer, claim that the book will be devoted to the catastrophic disaster that shook Japan in spring 2011.

To whet public interest in the new novel of Murakami’s, bookstores and shopping malls have prepared a series of special events. In large chain bookstores the “Kinokuniya” installed scoreboards that about a week before the start of sales was launched on the countdown.