In Estonia, discovered the treasure of the Viking age

In Estonia, discovered the treasure of the Viking age

Moscow. 24 Feb. INTERFAX.RU — Estonian archaeologists presented found in the layer of soil in lääne-Harju (Laane-Harjumaa) items that can be dated to the time of the late Viking age, including two pendants, imitating ancient silver coin of the reign of Prince Yaroslav.

The archaeological find was made in November last year, an Amateur archeologist, said Thursday the portal broadcasting ERR.

“Particularly noteworthy was found pewter charms. At one time it was found two different kinds of decorations. First, in all likelihood, was manufactured in Estonia. The second type suspension similar to those at the time did in Novgorod. Furthermore, in the chest we also found tin element of the chair” — said the archaeologist of the Tallinn University of Kiudsoo Mauri (Mauri Kiudsoo).

According to M. Kiudsoo, the specifics of the finds indicates that the treasure belonged to the local artisan. The woman could die during one of sudden raids on the settlement, and the location of the treasure remained unknown.

“Two of the found of pendants date back to the coinage of the times of Prince Yaroslav. They imitate a silver coin, which was then in use, where on one side was a picture of the Prince, and on the other the ancestral sign of Rurik. Today we know about the presence of only eight such coins in the world,” said M. Kiudsoo.

To explore such a valuable treasure to the experts first needed the help of latest technology.

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