Charge d’affaires of Russia to the UN appointed by Pyotr Ilyich

First Deputy permanent representative of Russia to the UN, Peter Ilichev appointed chargé d’affaires in connection with the death of Ambassador Vitaly Churkin. About it RIA Novosti said the Russian permanent mission.

“By Pyotr Ilyich appointed acting permanent representative to the UN,” — said the Embassy. To guide the work of the Embassy he will be to appoint a new Ambassador to the world organization.

Ilyichev was born 11 March 1966. 5 Dec 2013 he received the diplomatic rank of extraordinary and Plenipotentiary envoy of the second class, reports “Interfax”.

Vitaly Churkin died in new York on Monday, February 20, the day before your 65th birthday. As reported by the newspaper The New York Post, the diplomat and her condition worsened due to “heart problems”, he was taken in serious condition to a hospital, but doctors failed to save his life.

Churkin held the post of Russia’s envoy at the UN since 2006.