At the meeting of the legislative Assembly of the Leningrad region appeared cardboard MP

Assistant to the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Leningrad region Vladimir Petrov (“United Russia”) brought to the meeting of the Parliament of the region a cardboard figure of his boss, reports the portal Wednesday, February 22.

Deputy Vadim Gustov demanded to detain the assistant Petrova, after an officer of the legislative Assembly tried to remove the image, however, the Vice-Governor of Leningrad region Oleg Koval took him and put around his chair with the words: “This is my ship”.

“Now all of you can like this to come or just him? And it will be considered a voting Board member for real?” — asked the leader of the LDPR faction in the regional Parliament Andrey Lebedev and asked to turn a cardboard copy of a United face to the wall. Chairman of the legislative Assembly Sergey Bebenin proposed to refer the matter to the Commission on ethics.

Petrov could not attend the meeting because of a broken leg, said

13 Feb Vladimir Petrov reported that a bill regulating the activities of witches and sorcerers. In his opinion, people with superpowers have to license their activities and to be responsible for its quality.

Shortly before this he promised to issue a certificate on the name of the star authors of the most resonant bills.