In Minsk refused to believe in Russia’s plans to invade Belarus

Andrei Ravkov

The Minister of defense of Belarus Andrei Ravkov have answered the fears of the sceptics on the relocation to the country of Russian military equipment in the framework of the exercises “West-2017”. The words of the head of Department leads the website of the newspaper “Sovetskaya Belorussia”.

“The flood last time, some “experts” hysteria about alleged possible occupation of Belarus by Russian troops — no more than an attempt of some marginal structures to gain political dividends or to increase your rating due to the exploitation of the topic of the Belarusian-Russian relations”, — said the official.

He encouraged the skeptics to “look into the legal and normative documents regulating the issues of ensuring military security” of the Republic, and also to study the Military doctrine, priority of which is the strengthening of the collective security system and the further development of relations with Russia.

As for joint exercises, Ravkov reminded that they are held every two years alternately in Belarus and Russia. “Russia is our strategic ally, with it we build a common defense space. The upcoming maneuvers is one of the forms of preparation of the combined group”, — said the head of the defense Ministry.

He stressed that threats to the sovereignty of the country “West-2017” is not responsible. “The idea of teaching, the areas of the meeting, the number of personnel and military equipment, participating from Russia, — all this is developed and agreed with the Belarusian side. All troop movements are controlled by us”, — assured Ravkov. He also pointed to the fact that the maneuvers are not a threat to Western States, since they have a defensive nature.

Strategic exercises “West-2017” will be held in September at several sites of Russia and Belarus will be the main event of joint training of the armed forces this year. According to the Russian Minister of defense Sergey Shoigu, during the development of the scenario will take into account the increased activity of NATO near the borders of the Union state.