Hordes of rats captured Kiev

Kiev residents suffer from the invasion army of rats. With the onset of heat rodents divorced in the courtyards and entrances of houses. It is reported portal “Russian spring”.


As notes the edition, now the life of the people of Kiev turned into a daily struggle with petty Backbiters. Due to the constant moisture and debris, rats crawling from every crevice and the poison will not react.


For example, in the house at the Sholom Aleichem rodents running straight legs, and when you open the door to the entrance, they manage to enter the apartment. According to residents, they have written several collective appeals to the housing office, to the harmful animals poisoned. Several times even came to some people and spent deratization. But the things are there, say local. They actually thought that the rodents are “already accustomed to this poison”.


According to Kiev, the rats in their house have already begun to attack humans – rodents jumping from the railing and scratching the face. And with the beginning of cold weather, the mouse gnawed through the flooring and into the habit of going in the apartment.


Local management companies just throw his hands. Like, rodent control in residential buildings is carried out only in the basement and garbage disposal. The cost of these works is included in the rent. But if residents continue to complain about the problem – promised to poison animals again – unplanned.


While there is a war between residents and public utilities, in Hospitible warned – rat bite can turn into severe infectious diseases. These small rodents carry about two dozen diseases, some of which is often a cause of death.

Photo: Nazar Furyk / ZUMAPRESS / globallookpress