Double celebration: in Sevastopol celebrated on February 23 and the Day of the people’s will

For residents of Sevastopol 23 February, has a double meaning. It is not only the defender of the Fatherland Day, but the anniversary of the rally of the people’s will, which marked the beginning of the reunification of Russia and Crimea. The correspondent of the “Stars” Victoria Googledance attended the gala ceremonies held in the city of Russian sailors.


A feast for the Sevastopol begins with the season’s first regatta. Warships also offers residents, a large amphibious and anti-submarine vessels today are taking on Board all comers.


Also on this day in the city, the March of the Sevastopol self-defense, the citizens and guests of the city can look at the roadblocks that have been erected by local residents in 2014, after a coup in Ukraine not to miss the radicals of the banned in Russia “Right sector”.


February 23, 2014 in Sevastopol have refused to submit to those who have seized power in the Maidan. The public meeting then the whole town gathered. The decision on the referendum adopted unanimously.


Russian President Vladimir Putin also congratulated inhabitants of Sevastopol on the Day of defender of the Fatherland and Day of the people’s will.


“Twenty-third of February 2014 was for Sevastopol is truly a momentous day. Thousands of its inhabitants acted as a United front against the coup, gave a resolute rebuff to the radical nationalist forces that their aggressive actions tried to intimidate all who were opposed to arbitrariness and lawlessness,” – said the President.