Aksenov took control of the work of collectors in the Crimea


RIA Novosti

The head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov said that the activities of collection companies that obtained the right to work in the Republic, will be under special control.

Previously acting head of the Crimean Department of the Federal bailiff service — chief bailiff of the Republic of Yuri Chudnovets said that the right to work in the Crimea received five collection companies, and two more have applied for registration.

“The question that regards the work of the collectors, on the territory of Crimea under special control. All the requests on my page (in social networks) by the actions of the collectors, are considered personally,” — said Aksenov reporters.

The head of the Republic stressed that favored and opposed the work of collection firms, which often in its activities allow for “excesses, violation of law, bullying people”.

“I don’t know what is the meaning to keep them… I believe that this tool our state does not need. In my opinion, the marshals service is able to cope with all the tasks,” — said Aksenov.

In Russia the work of the agencies for the recovery of debts from 1 January 2017 beginning to control the FSSP. Officers will now monitor not only the irregularities in the process of repayment of debts, but also for changes in legislation, for example in terms of the size of financial asset debt collection agencies. In addition, the Agency will be required to engage only in such activities without combining with other types of businesses. In the FSSP predict that since the beginning of work with collectors, their number may decrease with 553 thousands of organizations up to 10 thousand.