Received a million pounds compensation, the fighter exploded in Mosul

Jamal al Harif

Released by the British government and received compensation of a million pounds a terrorist was blown up in Iraq. About it reports The Independent.

Jamal al Harif, the militant “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia), staged the attack in a village South of Mosul. The bomber was in a car bomb. IG already confirmed civilian casualties and published a photograph of a smiling Islamist. The Iraqi authorities have not given official comments.

50-year-old al-Harif was arrested by the U.S. on suspicion of terrorism and was released in 2004 after an appeal by the UK government. In his statement, he accused British agents of mistreatment, and then he managed to get a payout from the authorities of the Kingdom. Tony Blair, the then Prime Minister, was heavily criticized for the prisoner’s release. “It is obvious that all this time he represented a threat to our security”,—said the representative of the conservative party, Tim loughton.

According to the BBC, al-Harif, born Ronald Fiddler, converted to Islam in the 1990s and moved to Pakistan. According to the government, 850 people left Britain last year to join the war in the middle East.